Joseph Barrington, 29, started drawing seriously and learning digital art in 1999. He graduated from college in 2005 with a major in electrical engineering but hasn’t had an opportunity to use his degree to any real extent. He decided to continue his art endeavors and works two jobs to make his student loan payments and live outside of his parents’ basement. Joseph lives and works in Madison, Wisconsin, and often travels across the midwest to promote himself at conventions and art boutiques.

He never took any art courses past high school, his skills are entirely self-taught outside of a few books and online guides. Rather than develop a distinct ‘style’ for his work he plans to make a series that uses changes in style itself to portray mood and character perspective. His ultimate goal is either a position as a professional graphic artist in a big-name entertainment company or to found his own. He is very self-reliant on every aspect of his work, from story development to website management to promotion.

The first version of Generic Dreamers began as the backstory to a zombie shooting flash game in 2000, and ever since, Joseph has been developing new characters and an overall story arc. After a first attempt at a webcomic a couple years later that lost steam he decided to try again the summer of 2006.

in 2009 Joseph learned the techniques for making framed prints with mesh overlays that give a unique 3D look. Ever since he has been modifying the process and making it his own, and they are now the mainstay wherever he does business.

Joseph enjoys Japanese and American animation and goes to conventions at least 8 times a year, usually in full cosplay. He has aquired a taste for symphonic metal but listens most genres of music. He also enjoys online games, small gatherings, and excessive drinking.